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There is a unique opportunity for ACT on Campus and ACT in 2014. The National Party has been in government for almost six years but hasn't taken the steps needed to turn New Zealand around. This is ACT's best opportunity in almost a decade and ACT on Campus intend to capitalise on this chance, but to do so we need your help!
The university year is about to get underway and clubs days are held on every university campus during the first week of term. Clubs days allow clubs to set up stalls on campus for students to browse and join, they are a chance for clubs to promote themselves to new and returning students and they are the single best opportunity to gain new members during the year.
ACT on Campus is busy organising clubs day stalls all around the country. In 2010 we went to the 5 main universities but in 2014 we are going to more than 12 universities and polytechnics to ensure we reach as many potential members and voters as possible. However, stalls need something on them to attract students' interest!
In the next month we need to get tens of thousands of leaflets printed for use both during clubs day and throughout election year.
We also need to create more than ten starter kits of material for use at each clubs day event around the country, including signs and books, but also simple stuff like clipboards, pens, tape and the like.
Despite what you might have heard about the state of our universities, students and young first-time voters are an excellent target group for ACT to pursue. They're open to new ideas, they're looking for a party to support and aren't stuck in a habit of always voting for the same party at every election.
A $50 donation will pay for 1250 leaflets to be printed and distributed to students.
A $100 donation will pay for an entire starter kit for one of our twelve campus groups around the country.
Please give generously to help us ensure that ACT on Campus can run an effective campaign this election year and get as much support for freedom and choice as possible.

Donate at least $100 and we'll send you one of our flash new ACT on Campus t-shirts for free!
ACT on Campus T-Shirt GiftACT on Campus T-Shirt Gift

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